Monday, February 16, 2009

Tutus, Wings & Fairy Things

Sneak peak of what is coming.....Couture Tutus from Bellarina!!
From hip and chic to prim and proper, Mom Glam Boutique has what it takes to make your little girls dreams come true. Our tutus, wings, and fairy things feature handmade baby tutus, toddler tutus, fairy costumes, girls' dance tutus, ballerina tutus, fairytale dress-up designs, custom tutus, and boutique tutus.

We have a sassy and sweet collection of new fun and frilly tutu products such as monogrammed tutu tees and tutus, monogrammed tutu onesies, monogrammed tulle tutu tank tops, and monogrammed tutu bloomers.
We carry the most beautiful ribbon tutus, flower tutus, poofy tutus, birthday Baby tutus, ballerina tutus,toddler tutus and tutus for all occasions and holidays.

Handmade tutus make lovely costumes for dress-ups, children's dancewear and flower girl attire with each tutu being individually custom made to order with the softest tulle, satin ribbons and delicate silk flowers.
Come Check it out: Mom Glam Boutique

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mom Glam Boutique: Glitz & Glam Baby/Kid Photo Contest

Mom Glam Boutique, under new management is holding its first online contest.
Glitz & Glam Baby/Kid Photo Contest.

Do you hear that you have the cutest kid? Or do you think you have the cutest kid? Better yet, do you have the cutest picture of you kid? Submit it here!

Winner will receive a personalized pair of couture shoes from Footsie Pops, courtesy of Mom Glam Boutique (Max Value $100)
, and your child's picture will be feature on Mom Glam Boutique in April for the world to see!

About Glitz and Glam Baby/Kid Photo Contest:

Sponsored By: Glitz & Glam is sponsored by Mom Glam Boutique ONLY and not the product vendor/designer. Depending on the contest Mom Glam will give away a product from our site, a discount %, or a gift certificate good for any product in our store.

Contest Give Away: Personalized Couture Shoes from Footsie Pops. (MaxValue $100, including shipping) If you are not sure what Footsie Pops are, check them out here. We are sure you will find a pair you will love. If not, let us know. Footsie Pops can create a one of a kind just pair of shoes just for you.

Please be sure check out Footsie Pops available shoe sizes, as there is no exchange for a different product, cash or credit if you are the winner.

Contest Dates:
Glitz and Glam Baby/Kid Photo Contest starts Saturday, February 7th 2009 and will end Wednesday March 25th 2009.
Enough time to order your Personalized Couture Shoes from Footsie Pops for Easter!
(Please Note: Footsie Pops lead time for creation to shipping is 2 weeks!)

How Glitz & Glam Baby/Kid Photo Contest works:

Photo Entry: Photo's can be submitted here from Saturday, February 7th to Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 at 11:59pm. Please submit your child's name, age and state you live in. If you want to tag your photo with a phrase you may do so.

Please Note: Only one photo will be allowed per child.

Photo Publishing: Mom Glam will be uploading all the pictures as they come in, or no later then Saturday, February 28th, 2009.

Judging: Mom Glam will set up a poll on March 1st. Where the people of the web, can vote on their favorite Glitz & Glam Baby. Mom Glam will NOT be the judge of this contest. So, let all your friends and family know to come on and vote!
Polling will last until Sunday, March 22nd at 5pm.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 25th, 2009.

Glitz & Glam Rule Overview:

Only one entry per child. No purchase necessary. Making a purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Winner will be announced on 3/25/09. One winner will be chosen for a pair of personalized couture shoes by Footsie Pops. No merchandise exchange, credit or cash will be given in luau of Footsie Pop Shoes. Order must be place no later then 3 months from the date of issue. (This is only due to the nature of the prize give away.) Email addresses will be kept strictly confidential and NEVER sold to 3rd parties. Email addresses will ONLY be used for communicating to contest participants of Mom Glam Boutique to inform them of contest status, winner status and any new or upcoming Mom Glam Boutique contests or drawings.
Please view our Privacy Policy.

Have any questions? Email us at:

Host an Online Party @ Mom Glam Boutique

Want to earn Glam Points for free unique gifts, boutique clothing, furniture, toys and more?

When you host an online Glam Party you can do just that! The best part of all is there is absolutely NO COST TO YOU!

An online party allows you to be the online host/hostess of your own Mom Glam Boutique shopping party!

Invite your family members, co-workers, friends & neighbors to shop online in the comfort of their own homes. There is never any obligation to join the party and unlike most home parties, your party guests won’t feel pressured to buy something just because they are there.

Your guests can do their shopping anytime within the party time frame (7 days) at a discounted rate of 10%.

Please be sure to tell your guests that many of our products are custom made and could take up to 3 weeks for delivery (see FAQs).

The more people you invite the more money you could earn.
When your guests attend your online party & make purchases, you will earn
"Glam Points".

Glam Points can be used towards any items we sell on our website.
You only pay for the shipping and handling.

Ready to get started?

You choose the dates (up to 7 consecutive days) that you would like to host your online party. Once we confirm the dates with you, we will send you a discount code for your guests to use at checkout. Then, you invite as many people as you can to shop on our site during those specific days and be sure to give them the special code.

Once your guests have made their purchases (on your specified dates only), they enter the code in the discount section as well as in the comment section at checkout. (This allows you to receive credit for their purchases. If they forget to enter the code, it will not register as a credit for your party.) Once your party has ended, we will total up all of the sales and notify you within 48 hours of the Glam Points you have earned, along with a special coupon voucher code you can use to redeem your Glam Points.

The earning chart (before shipping) is as follows:
$0.00-$200.00=5% Earnings
$200.01-$350.00=10% Earnings
$350.01 & Up=15% Earnings

** All earnings must be redeemed within 1 year of being issued **

Ready to earn some Glam Points? Send us an email to save the date (!

OH be sure to register while you are there. Why not earn free Glam Points and get the gifts you really want!

Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If the shoe fits... Couture Childrens Shoes

I have to let you know that I am a true shoe fanatic, so when I first laid eyes on these couture children's shoes by Footsie Pops I knew that they would make a great fit for our couture childrens line at Mom Glam Boutique.
Making a unique statement, Footsie Pops are sweet treats for little feet! Each pair is painted by hand with fussy attention to the tiniest detail. These super chic shoes (say that twice!) is a fashion must at your fashionistas next all girl event.
Offered in a low canvas lace-ups, high-tops, slide-ons and Mary Janes, Footsie Pops combines unique artwork with delightful color combinations inspired by the most popular trends. A touch of sparkle and ribbon laces make these one-of-a-kind walking works of art and a charming finishing touch to any outfit.

Footsie Pops offer over fifty whimsical design choices, and are always happy to create a pair of gourmet Footsie Pops especially for you!
Stop by and check them out here, or stop by our store:
PS. For the record I will be purchasing a pair of these Personalized Pink Poodle shoes for my nieces 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday Skye!!!
Come back for my follow up review when they arrive!
Happy Shopping!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sweet Lace Leggings by Baby Bella Maya

I have fallen in love with Baby Bella Maya's lace leggings. Not only does Baby Bella Maya offer the cutest couture booties, blankets, carseat covers, slings, they offer lace leggings!!
How unbelievably sweet and girly are these things. They are without a doubt going to be the hot new trend!
They come in two colors (Pink or White) and two different styles (Pink with bling or White with bling.) You can pair them on under a cute dress, skirt, or even under your daughters favorite tutu. No matter what, we are sure that she will get the aww factor when she wears these.
Come check them out (lace leggings) and the other Baby Bella Maya products we offer at Mom Glam Boutique.
Happy Shopping!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Owner .... Mom Glam Boutique

For those of you who didn't know Mom Glam Boutique, I with the help of my quick finger bidder huband has a new owner! That's right, you heard. Quick finger Fred (okay, his real name is Josh) with the help of one click bid put us in the lead, and led us to VICTORY!!!
Now people you have to image the whole thing as it is going down. For days the bidding remained low, and I knew that when that day, that time, came around it would be all hands on deck. I did my research, I saw the work and effort that the former own (Tara) put into the website. I knew there would be multiple bid offers.
B-Day (Bidding Day..not birthday..though in the end you would have thought it was), the waiting game is almost over. It is do or die time. Do you want it or don't you. I am sitting at my 9-5 job, and i get a text for my mom, "Did you see where it is at?" I replied "Yup, sure do." Text coming in "What are you going to do?" Reply "Well depending on high it goes, is where we will be." (lame texted back I know) Texted back "You know how much fun we would all have?" Reply "I know, it would be great. I will let you know." I look at the clock on the computer, its 12:30pm, OMG an hour to go. I log on...the bids are getting higher. I increase my bidding max. I get on the phone with my husband. "Hi Baby" i hear. "Yup..hi know what time it is dont you?" What time is is? "UGHHH," i yelled. "You know what time." (He really knew what time it was.) I said, " know that I would love to have this dont' you? " "Yup" i get back. "Well then, make it happen!! I have a meeting I have to go into at 1:30..the fate is in your hand." (As if it is a real life or death situation.)
Now, I am sure you all are thinking. Why not just create your own name, start your own online business and move on with it. Why this one. Why...have you tried googling MomGlam. There is blogs here and there, google ads, and merchant sites, product finds, and more. My point is, Mom Glam Boutique was a name that was already out there. Vendors already know the name, its established. That is a big jumping off point.
We are now down to 10 minutes. I grab my cell phone and run out to sit in my car. I call my husband back. By now i think i have called him10 times. (that is within 30 minutes) "Are you ready?" "Yes, baby I am." We are now yick yacking about nothing...why..because I am getting anxious. "How much time left. What are we at." I keep saying. "OH BLEEP" i hear. "What? What?" "We have been out bit." I am yelling, "hit it again, hit it again!Increase our bid. Do it, do it!" By now, my husband is counting down the seconds. He is yelling, "come on, refresshhhhhh...refreshhh." I am like, "OMG, is the computer froozen?" He is saying nothing. Then Bam! He says, "We WON!" "WHOO HOOO," I yelled. "I am soo excited." My nerves were shot. I think my husbands were worse. Just think about what it would be like when I got home, and the conversation we would have had. LOL
The rest of the work day was shot. My mind was wondering. Now what. Where do I start, what do I do. I couldnt wait to go home at start our new venture.

And that my friends and where and when the new Mom Glam began! January 8th 1:28pm (PST) I hope you stick around and ride the wave of our new adventure with us!!
Sincerely Yours
Melissa & Joshua Jammer